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Role of Technical Skills in Modern Contexts

As we know the industries in India have been transforming digitally, thousands of new jobs were added to the market by the Indian IT sector in the last two years. In India, COVID-19 boosted the digitalization process by a couple of years. The need for IT skills has multiplied, and new jobs involving data engineers, programmers, and developers will continue to drive the Indian economy's digital revolution. Additionally, roles like UI/UX designers, web developers, Android / iOS app developers, etc. are becoming more popular in the sector, which means that existing tech talent needs to be reskilled to keep up with the industry's growing demand. This is the reason why a dramatic change can be seen in the IT sector. 


As a recruiter, sometimes I get a high number of applicants but not enough qualified candidates because many applicants do not have the required skills and some of them mention skills in their resume just to tailor it according to the Job description, but they do not have practical knowledge about that skills and this skills gap among jobseekers is the most common challenge faced by IT recruiters. Hence this results, in the technical interview same candidate fails to prove his skills and then gets rejected, so this is the issue with candidates they have to understand that they can be shortlisted on behalf of their good resume but they have to prove their skills for the selection. 


Technical skills can be learned with your regular education, while on the job, online classes, and weekend classes are also an option. When you have mastered the fundamentals, you can highlight these technical talents as evidence of your ability on your resume. Because every industry and profession can reap the benefits of technical training as it is necessary nowadays to grow according to future demands. This is because, to automate repetitive and time-consuming operations, businesses are spending more and more on flexible work patterns tools like cloud technology, digital consumer interaction, AI, e-commerce, and automation. Since their clients expect to work with highly qualified teams they can trust to get the outcomes they need, businesses are constantly searching for experienced specialists. 


A person with good technical skills is always having good career opportunities. As you develop the necessary technical skills, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable with technology in all forms. The more technical skills you gain, the more you will earn. Each work has a particular set of skill requirements, thus technical skills are the most in-demand and crucial for every vocation for a variety of reasons. For individuals who have the necessary technical skills, technical education is one of the few disciplines that can offer reliable sources of income. These jobs pay high enough for people to live comfortably on their earnings. Compared to other generic profiles, technical professionals frequently earn more money.  


Demanding tech skills that can boost your career if you master one of these. 


Big data and Data science 

Developers and programmers including IT coding and IT security 

Data Warehousing 

Technical writing 

Graphics and Creatives Designing 

Data Analytics 

Web development 

Android and iOS application development 

Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

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